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Autumn Chats with the Folks of Good Day LA!
October 28th 2010

Autumn on GDLA

Autumn’s energy is contagious during this fun interview with the folks of Good Day LA! They discuss Autumn’s character on ‘No Ordinary Family’, the best friend of a woman whose family has superpowers. She also talks about her adorable new adopted pup!

Click here to watch!

Esquire Magazine Has Fun with Autumn!
October 22nd 2010

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Esquire Magazine chose 60+ beautiful up-and-coming actresses to show off their funny side. Laugh with Esquire as they feature Autumn Reeser’s joke and what they think about the beautiful No Ordinary Family star in this playful article! Check it out here

Autumn’s recent interview with Uinterview!
October 12th 2010

Autumn Reeser

Through Uinterview, Autumn was able to answer fan questions about her exciting recent television projects! Autumn is mostly asked about her experiences with working on ‘Entourage’, and more recently, ‘No Ordinary Family’.

“I find acting very freeing. I’m a bit of a perfectionist in life and a bit controlling, and that doesn’t exist for me in acting.”

Click to see more of Autumn’s interview!

Superhero Sidekicks Autumn Reeser and Romany Malco Interview with People.com
October 11th 2010

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Autumn Reeser and Romany Malco share what it’s like to be superhero sidekicks in the new hit series, No Ordinary Family. Find out what she would do if she had her own super power by checking out this exclusive interview on People.com! Don’t forget—No Ordinary Family shows every Tuesday 8/7c on ABC!!



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