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Hollywood Reporter Gives Sneak Peak into Autumn’s New Show
February 18th 2010

As you guys know it is pilot season, and Autumn has a new show coming out! The Hollywood Reporter gives an overview of it, ABC’s “No Ordinary Family,” along with other new shows. “No Ordinary Family” revolves around an American family with special abilities. Autumn will play the lab assistant to the mother.  Check out the full article here!

Buckle Up…
February 12th 2010

Everyone has probably seen this ad by now, but it is so so so beautiful, with such a great message, that posting it again really couldn’t hurt.

Although, I can’t watch it without bawling my eyes out, so maybe it could hurt.  A little.

Pilot Season II
February 11th 2010

Loved this.  In the theme of “It’s Pilot Season!!” that seems to be my main focus lately, I thought I would share this with you:

Pilot Season…
February 09th 2010

Hi, Guys!

Pilot season is in full swing, and sometimes it gets entirely overwhelming.

Lately, though, I’m been focusing on being grateful for the chaos, because I find that I always miss it when I have a steady acting job.  So, in honor of pilot season:

Things I love about this busy time of year:

1. Driving all over town with a cup of Starbucks, eating most meals in the car…after I’ve purchased them from Starbucks.  (Oh, turkey-bacon Starbucks McMuffin, how could I make it through the year without you?)
2. Driving all over town when it’s raining.  Yes, I do actually like this!
3. Reading so many scripts my eyes start to burn.
4. Rehearsals where you can’t even find the correct sides for your second audition tomorrow, because they’re buried under the mountain of other sides…
5. ...And then as soon as you find your sides, you get an email telling you they’ve ‘revised’ the sides and there are 10 pages of brand-new ones for tomorrow morning.
6. Always carrying a pair of flats in the car in case you have to race across a lot to get to the tiny room where you’ll be pouring your heart out.
7. Becoming really really good ‘friends’ with all the hosts of NPR on the radio…
8. Looking over to the passenger seat in my car where I have 4 separate outfits ready to go for the day’s auditions, and 5 different pairs of shoes.  I look like I have multiple personality disorder.
9. Late-night rehearsals with my husband as my coach, drinking a glass of wine together, and doing a scene over & over again until we know it’s right.
10. The plethora of opportunities and possibility in the air!!

Cheers to auditions!

Doppelganger Week…
February 03rd 2010

Hello, again!

It’s pilot season and I’m losing my mind.

However, it is also “doppelganger week” on facebook apparently, an event which causes me endless amusement for some reason…

..but makes it very difficult to tell who people are when they are requesting to be your friend!

Anyway… In the interest of providing levity to the middle of the week, here are a series of people that my facebook community thought could be my doppelganger…

Olivia Hussey

Christine Taylor

Reese Witherspoon

Angelina Jolie

And this is my own addition…
A random model who appeared in my inbox this morning modeling clothes for HauteLook:

Got any other suggestions?  Do you think anyone posted ME as their facebook doppleganger??



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